C Grade Film's Serial Rapist is Ideal for BJP to Become Chairman of FTII

07 Jan 2016
BJP Government guided , operated by RSS is adamant to make the colour of education saffron .
they are not colouring the education but also the are spoiling all education system of India , they have cut the /scrapped the UGC Non NET fellowship , they have cut the fund for the Science research in the county , and they are now ready to cut the funds for university research .
in this process BJP Government has made many changes in the academic sector , have changed the vice chancellors of Universities , have changed the Rules of Appointment and also appointing all its favorite Professors as Directors , Deans, principals etc. recently HRD Minister has appointed its favorite Gajender Chouhan a Small time TV Actor who got fame through the Mahabharat Serials and also have done some B. C grade film in the Bollywood film Industry. when Students learnt about the appointment of Gajender Chouhan a wave of resentment shrouded the Institutes all students , faculty , staff were fed up . all she students started protesting against the appointment of Gajender as the Chairman of Governing Body of Chairman. Students believe that to some extant favoritism work in appointment but the person like Gajender will not do justice with the name of Institute . the Institute has the internationals name and National fame , Gajender’s Appointment will only tarnish and degrade the name of Institute, Students s, staff says that appointment related to that kind of post only professor , eminent film personality , outstanding alumnae ,film intellectual can justify and not Mr. Gajender Reactions on his appointment are coming from all over India and film students and practicing film maker surender kumar is the view that why BJP is government is so frustrating ?? that everywhere they want to appoint its favorite that too person of saffron ideology , no matter he or she is able or eligible or the post . it is a an attempt to commit a cultural genocide , cultural invasion , and death of real art , conclude Mr. Surender,Process of creation of art should be away from any influence either social or political , only then art can work for society and art itself , says Savita jhakar an International Indian painter.

The more painful thing is that in a democratic process of dialogue every BJP speaker have started terrorizing the other people even the seams instructing the News anchor for not calling the people of other opinion

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C Grade Film's Serial Rapist is Ideal for BJP to Become Chairman of FTII

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