Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan
STORY: Siddharth, a middle class boy from Delhi wants to be a rockstar, but his mother wants him to go to the US for higher studies. As he struggles with his dreams and his duty, he has to face a sinister choice that changes his life in an unexpected way.

REVIEW: Take a bunch of ordinary kids struggling with life as they walk the path to become rockstars of tomorrow. Throw in a love angle. Introduce a parent who thinks music is a waste of time. Sprinkle a dash of rebellion. Finally, to finish the dish, have the kids compete in a rock competition in the movie’s climax. What you will get at the end of it all is a film like Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan; a super-generic flick about ‘rock’ musicians devoid of any real emotion, grit or struggle.

The only angle that makes Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan different is when it delves into the Indian folk music scene, where the lead singer Siddharth (Arsh Sehrawat) falls in love with another singer Neha (Shrenu Parikh). She is part of a cultural group, a la Kabir Kala Manch, and struggles against inequality. But since there is no money in social work, she joins their band, Antriksha. As their love deepens, Siddharth uncovers a truth about his late father Ajay Kaul (Mukesh Tiwari). As he tries to do the right thing, life keeps throwing lemons at him. And, in the midst of making lemonade, he has the typical end-of-movie rock competition to win.

The music in the film sounds eerily similar to every Coldplay song you’ve heard. In a scene where Siddharth tries to crowd surf, the concertgoers put him down so he can belt a line, after which they pick him up again. Quite odd. Arsh and Shrenu do have a bit of chemistry going, but they are such well-mannered rock musicians, they hardly even attempt an ill-timed peck at each other. Other actors just about manage to deliver.

(By: Times Of India)