Hanuman Da' Damdaar
STORY: After he undertakes one too many dangerous adventures, Hanuman is put under house arrest by his mother. While staying indoors make him somewhat of a softie, circumstances soon change, and the little one sets off on another adventure that transforms him back to the mighty one.

REVIEW: Animation films in India are few and far between. So, when a film like 'Hanuman Da’ Damdaar', with a cast that includes Salman Khan hits the theatres, your curiosity is immediately piqued. But the fact that Salman has only about a few minutes of dialogues in the entire film feels like a bummer. Yet, for all the time he is there, voicing the senior Hanuman, he keeps you entertained. The first thing that strikes you about the film is the humour. With contemporary lingo, a smattering of pop-culture and Bollywood references thrown in, kids will immediately identify with. Sure the humour in the film is goofy, but the film wears its goofiness like a Badge of honor.

The animation quality is much better than other Indian animated films that have hit the screens in the recent past. You can find several Lion King references, including (Pride rock, The stampeded etc.). However, the animation is sleek only in bits, including the the opening sequence of the film, or the way music is picturised, like The Maa Song. In other scenes though, the level of animation dips and resembles the kind of generic 2D animation you see on TV.

Songs are another of the film’s strength. Sneha Khanwalkar has churned out a great mix of peppy and serious numbers, especially the very groovy track ‘Bhai O Bhai’. The voice cast has done a credible job, too. Hussain Dalal as Garud, Arnav as Baby Hanuman and Makrand Deshpande as Vishrav are a few that stand out. Its Achilles heel though is the story which is weak and which dips after the first half. It does pick up towards the very end, but by then it’s too late to get back into the groove. A bit more damdaar script would give the grown-ups a chance to enjoy the film too. But for now, it’s only the kids who may end up having a good time.

( Times Of India)