Sweetiee Weds NRI
STORY: A rich businessman wants his daughter to get married to a NRI. The problem is she loves another guy who she is sure her father won’t approve of.

REVIEW: Everything is fair in love and war, or at least that’s how the saying goes. Our hero Akash (Kohli), an orphan, puts the saying into practice when he uploads a fake profile on a matrimonial site. Not that he means any harm. It’s just that he needs to convince his girlfriend Sweety’s (Afroz) father (Zariwala) that he’s the perfect partner for his daughter.

And, as all love stories go, there is the bad guy (Ankit Arora) trying to woo the leading lady too. This creates a scenario wherein Sweety’s father has to choose between our hero and the bad boy. Surprisingly, due to a cunning game played by the villain, daddy-dearest chooses him over Akash. One thing leads to another and within no time, the continuous confusion builds up to a Priyadarshan-style climax.

Many a times, all that a female protagonist in Hindi films has to do is smile and look pretty on screen. However, the tables are turned around in this one. Here, Afroz is the one who does majority of the work while Kohli plays the eye-candy. The girl makes the most of her role. The same can’t be said about the other characters though. Zariwala plays a role that he has played in many films before- a naïve father, while other supporting actors have stereotypical roles.

In a film that is laced with such stereotypes and has a predictable story (yes, we know the hero and heroine end up together), Afroz is the only one doing a sincere job. But that alone doesn’t make the film interesting.

(Times Of India)