The Rally
STORY: Since childhood, Kamlapati Dogra has nurtured a dream of competing in the Himalayan Rally competition and to do so, he is willing to go to any extent.

REVIEW: Right from the moment you see the poster and enter the cinema hall till the time you step out, there's only one word that you are bombarded with- rally.

Our protagonist Kamlapati (Mirza) storms into the scene driving a rally car with a forced aura of Varun Dhawan and body language of Jackky Bhagnani. His dream of competing in the Himalayan Rally is lined with obstacles but he's hell bent on making it a reality, even if it involves duping someone. All he needs is a rally car and there's one person who has it- Bubble (Arshin).

To get that car, Kamlapati befriends Bubble and tricks her into lending him the car. Because? Rally, bro! As expected, Kamlapati wins the rally but the success goes to his head and turns him into a self-centred, arrogant guy. So, does he get over it? Eventually, yes he does, but not before exposing the viewer to a preposterous plot.

If there's one thing that is weirder than the protagonists' names, it is the graph of the film (not to forget the rally obsession). Just when you think it's over, the film introduces another angle to the plot. The rally scenes have been shot well but in its bid to include action, betrayal, romance and redemption, the film falls flat.

Throw in lines like 'You sing really well, I will also like to date you' and songs that stretch for eons, and The Rally ends up rustling only a dust-storm.

(Times of India)