ISIS: Enemies of Humanity
STORY: The film looks at a batch of new ISIS recruits being trained for a terrorist mission.

REVIEW: ISIS is a film that dips from the word go. It starts with a long monologue establishing what ISIS is. Random scenes follow one another without any explanation. We see the lead actor/ director Yuvraj Kumar shooting down a drone. A young, Caucasian woman chases a sheep as she is assaulted and kidnapped.

We hope the two things happened in the same area, considering the breath-taking locales are the same. Cut to, young ISIS recruits waking up for their training which is a strange mix of shooting bullets, getting tortured and listening to long, unbearable lectures by their handler (Rasheed Naz).

Before any real characters are established, the young group of Mujahedeen get such an inane mission, one wonders whether any kind of training was really required. The dreaded terrorist Waheed Pakthun (Rahul Dev) is such a caricature of a baddie, you're shocked that the most violent thing he does in the film is shoot out a football.

If this is how the real ISIS functions, the world is in safe hands! The local Sufi mullah, played by Harish Bhimani tries to counter the hateful sermons of his evil counterparts with his message of love.

The music, a mix of Sufi rock and middle-eastern tunes is the only saving grace. Performances wise, Harish Bhimani, 'Samay' from 'Mahabharat' uses his voice to great effect as the narrator of the film. Unfortunately, you can't say that about his acting.

Rasheed Naz as the hateful Mullah has become the go-to guy when it comes to playing such characters in Bollywood. The rest of the cast just stand around trying to look busy. You can see that the filmmaker intended to have a story in the film as well, but it only makes a special appearance at the end.

(Times of India)